Being an immigrant takes a great deal of courage

It is a challenge making a myriad of sacrifices to pursue your biggest dreams. Andre & Gabo are a Venezuelan couple who lived in Ireland for almost 5 years and now they have moved to a new country, whilst expecting their first baby. I was so inspired by their strength and excitement! They were really happy to have some professional photographs to mark such a special moment.

For this session Andre told me she wanted the photos to be all about them as a couple, and not about the pregnancy itself, as she was planning to do a maternity photoshoot in the months to come in Madrid. The main subject was the end of a chapter and the beginning of another one, full of new discoveries and surprises.

We decided to do one hour session at the Irish National War Memorial Gardens, it was their first time there and the light was simply amazing! It was a bit cold but the breeze was soft and we could slow down and be present. When I look through these few selected images from the session I can recognise their connection and love for each other.

Hope you like the photos as I did!

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